Lab Results

To view the third-party lab results (COA) click on the batch number below that corresponds to the batch number found on your product label. If you need help understanding the COA please read the article on our website: How to Read a Certificate of Analysis


Canna Capsules

Custom Capsule: CBD:CBDA:CBG:CBGA

Premixed Delta 8 with terpenes

Delta-8 with Terpenes

Early Nueve Delta-8 Distillate: G1J0083-03

Suzy-Q Delta-8 Distillate: G2B0290-02

Trump Delta-8 Distillate: G2B0290-01

VBB Delta-8 Distillate: G1J0083-02

Premixed CBD distillate with terpenes

CBD with Terpenes

Early Nueve CBD Distillate: ZPE-2021-004-D-T-001

Suzy Q CBD Distillate: ZPE-2021-004-D-T-002

Trump CBD Distillate: ZPE-2021-004-D-T-006

VBB CBD Distillate: ZPE-2021-004-D-T-005


CBGa 75%: ZPE CBGa Crum-2021

CBGa 85%: 


CBD Distillate


Smokable hemp flower

Flower & Pre-rolls

Hulk Ponderosa: NWGAF-2020-003-TF

Lifter: NWGAF-2020-001-TF

Strawberry: NWGAF-2020-002-TF

Hemp derived terpenes


Cherry Wine: WVHSC-2021-004-T

Early Neuve: WVHSC-2021-001-T

Special Sauce: WVHSC-2021-003-T

Suzie Q: WVHSC-2021-002-T

Trump: WVHSC-2021-006-T

Very Berry Blossom (VBB): WVHSC-2021-005-T