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Zero Point Extraction, LLC

Pine Walker CBDV Hemp Flower

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Link to lab test: Pine Walker CBDV Flower

Pine Walker is the highest varin-content hemp variety available. Super high in CBDV (cannabidivarin), Pine Walker is a descendant of the popular Special Sauce strain. The effects are heady (sativa), uplifting, energetic and focused. It is recommended that you enjoy Pine Walker during the daytime, during social events or when you want a boost of calm creativity.

It has pleasantly powerful aromas of pine, cream, and berries with gassy undertones and a smooth palpable smoke that has a refreshing flavor of pungent pine tar. It is nothing short of loud, stinky, and gassy, and is guaranteed to have your nose buzzing with joyful expectancy.

  • 7.23% CBDA + 5.88% CBDVA
  • 13.99% total cannabinoids
  • Farm bill compliant (below .3% delta-9 THC)

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