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Zero Point Extraction, LLC

Custom Canna Capsule CBD:CBDA:CBG:CBGA

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Link to Lab Test: Custom Canna Capsule

New from ZPE the most-cutting edge Solid Oral Dose Forms made from hemp extracts.

Our 4-cannabinoid capsule contains 60mg of a very specific, compounded cannabinoid profile of the following: 15mg CBD + 15mg CBDa + 15mg CBG + 15mg CBGA. And it’s just under .28% THC!

The chemist formulated flowable powder is state-of-the-art and an extremely effective option for the delivery of cannabinoids. Utilizing a patent-pending Lipid Neutralization System to powderize plant extracts offering pharmaceutical-quality powders directly from hemp/cannabis.

Flowable powder has a tiny, consistent particle size that allows high milligram doses to be packed into small capsules. So, no more, hard to swallow “horse pills”.

The patent-pending technology behind the capsule produces an extremely effective product and is designed to release upon contact with the stomach acid.

CBD: Cannabidiol has strong anti-inflammation properties as well as a myriad of undiscovered potential.*

CBDa: The acidic precursor to CBD, this unique raw cannabinoid can be found when low heat extraction is used. Some scientists believe the compound could be 1000x stronger than CBD and it clings to the serotonin receptors.*

CBG: Cannabigerol offers a tremendous potential to help with anxiety and pain management as well as gut and intestinal problems, intraocular pressure and possibly migraines.*

CBGa: The acidic precursor to CBG, this powerful compound is called the “Mother Cannabinoid” as it is the first one that shows up in the plant. It has shown to have potential health benefits including relief from, nausea, inflammation, infection, among others.*

Instructions: We recommend starting with 1 capsule daily and increase as needed.

*These statements are based in preliminary research and are not approved by the FDA. These products are not designed to treat or cure disease or illness.